Hydrotherapy Applications Now Open!

//Hydrotherapy Applications Now Open!

Hydrotherapy Applications Now Open!

SP Therapy Services leads Hydrotherapy Course!

Since 2012 the Practice in collaboration with the charity Bolton Neuro Voices has delivered a 5 week physiotherapy-led hydrotherapy programme.  Over the last 5 years we had run and found funding for seven courses. We have given 140 people (63 men and 77 women) with 20 different neurological conditions, the chance to try hydrotherapy. This course has proved very popular and has provided great benefits to those involved!

We have had some fantastic feedback about the Hydrotherapy Courses:

given me the confidence to go to my local swimming baths to continue to improve on what I have learned”


 “I get pain relief in the water and have had great fun too”


 “My legs felt lighter…I have been able to transfer more easily…Today I got into the car without help”


 “…took me outside my comfort zone and challenged me…

absolutely brilliant…”

2017 Course Information

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The course this year starts on Wednesday 15th November 2017. There are ability based groups running between 12 and 2.30 at the purpose-built hydrotherapy pool. (Jason Kenny Centre at Bolton One.) https://www.boltonleisure.com/bolton_one.

This fantastic facility can meet the needs of all attendees both dry side and in the pool. To apply please complete our online application form: https://sptherapyservices.co.uk/bnv-application-form/.

This will be followed up by a telephone conversation with a physiotherapist, at which time you will be allocated to your group and given your time.

Hydrotherapy, or its modern name; Aquatic Therapy, refers to how a skilled physiotherapist uses the therapeutic effects of exercising in warm water to benefit an individual.

Water is a unique medium and offers the physiotherapist the opportunity to use its properties, such as; buoyancy, resistance and hydro-static pressure to enable patient to perform activities, that would be challenging on dry land.

A hydrotherapy pool maintains a water and atmospheric temperature between 33 and 36 degrees. The physiological impact of immersing the human body in warm water is result from hydro-static pressure which increases circulation and blood flow to hands and feet, reduces swelling, increases elasticity of soft tissues, pain relief and increase in renal function.