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Showcasing and celebrating the success of our patients

At SP Therapy Services we are passionate about our patient-centred approach to treatment. We aim to provide flexible rehabilitation by working in partnership with our patients to help them to achieve the outcomes that are most important to them. We are proud to celebrate our patients’ achievements – some of our many achievers have kindly agreed to share their stories, you can meet them by clicking on their names below.


At SP Therapy Services, not only do we use SMART goals within our treatment plans, but we go the extra mile to ensure the goals are aligned with the patient’s values and beliefs, as well as in understanding their interests and abilities.

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Brandon wins 3 medals in the North West Athletics Championships. Brandon has worked tremendously hard this year and has exceeded all expectations.

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Lucy is currently being treated by Jayne Hallford, Physiotherapist, based in our Yorkshire Team. Lucy has been wearing the Lycra bodysuit successfully all day since November 2015. She was also supplied with a new wheelchair in September 2016.

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My Name is Ryan. I had a traumatic brain injury following a road traffic accident when I was six. When arriving at the practice I had severe pain in my  left shoulder, back, legs and feet in particular. This limited me getting about and I often had to crawl to get around

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Sitting at home late at night I drifted onto Facebook. Facebook quite often has a plea – help me reconnect with this person. People love a nice story and in this case the story had already been shared thousands of times, people desperate to help there be a happy ending.

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Declan is a 13 year old boy with a massive smile. He loves the company of people and comes from a large family of boys. Declan loves to be cheeky; laughing at the usual boyish stuff like whoopie cushions and silly conversations. His ability to interact with his environment is very limited as he can’t use his hands to reach and hold anything. He can be passive in his participation in activities and can spend quite a lot of time watching TV.

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Eileen suffered a brain injury as the result of an undiagnosed brain abscess in October 2000. As a result of her brain injury Eileen has struggled with cognitive skills, her speech and processing sensory information which affects her balance and mobility.

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John sustained a brain injury as a result of a road traffic accident when he was out cycling.John has worked incredibly hard to regain his mobility, speech and cognitive skills and is learning to live with the consequences of his injury.

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One of Billie’s main aims when she left school was to attend a gym and be able to use a pool. However Billie was nervous in the water and found it difficult to maintain her posture such that she had good head control when in water.

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Laura enjoys her physiotherapy sessions. On first meeting Jayne Hallford her physiotherapist, Laura was not able to keep her head upright for any length of time. However she has worked hard in her physio sessions and has improved how she sits and can now hold her head up all of the time.

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Paul sustained a brain stem stroke in 2012. He is a determined character and his ambition is to be able to return to work, Paul with his physiotherapist Sue Altham is making progress. Paul and his wife Vicky’s’ ambition is to raise awareness of brain stem stroke and the need for patients to receive rehabilitation and support.

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Hi, I’m Nat, I am 18 years old and I have Cerebral Palsy. When I was younger I got about using a variety of walking aids.As I grew, my muscles got tighter and walking progressively became much more difficult as my knees wanted to ‘stick’ together.

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