Our Mission

Our mission is to be the practice of choice for the treatment and management of persons living with complex neurological conditions. Our aim to is provide a high quality therapy service. We want to give an individual living with a neurological condition CONTROL, FLEXIBILITY, and CONTINUITY of their individual therapeutic needs.

This aim is based on 5 core values and beliefs upheld by every member of the team

1.         We Offer a Patient Centered Approach

We put our patients first in everything we do.
We put each patient’s needs at the centre of all decisions.
Everything we do will be done all in the best interest of the patient.

2.         We Value Dignity and Integrity

We value each person as an individual. We respect their aspirations, beliefs, commitments. We seek to understand their priorities, needs, abilities and limitations.
We are honest about our clinical opinions and what we can and cannot do. If we can’t help we will try to put you in contact with someone else who can.
We respect your choice to decline any of the treatments proposed at any point in your therapy without prejudice.

3.         We Strive to Improve Lives 

We strive for clinical excellence to enable us to achieve the best possible results for each of our patients in all circumstances.
We will work with the individual to identify and modify opportunities to exercise and engage in activities in a safe and meaningful way.
We enjoy the challenges our patients bring to us and believe with our extensive experience we have the ability to make a difference.

4.         We are Committed to Providing a Quality Service

We believe we must continue to earn the trust placed in us by committing to delivering a quality service.
We believe you should expect us to get the basics right every time, safety, confidentiality, good communication, professionalism and dependable service.
We believe in the continuous development of our staff and our motivated, dedicated team constantly strive to improve their skills to enhance the service we offer.

5.         We Welcome Feedback

We are open to constructive comments about our service.
We invite you to discuss any concerns with your therapist or to contact in confidence George Stephens, Practice Administrator, [email protected]

We can provide home visits & clinic appointments.

SP Therapy Services take great care in providing an exceptional standard of therapy to all our patients, whatever their individual age, diagnosis or location.

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