What is Paediatric Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy enables people to participate in daily life to improve their health and wellbeing. Daily life is made up of many activities (or occupations). Occupations for children or young people may include self-care (getting ready to go out, eating a meal, using the toilet), being productive (going to nursery or school), and leisure (playing with friends or doing hobbies).

Occupational Therapists are skilled at analysing activities, considering their component parts and then modifying the tasks accordingly. They will support you and other relevant people such as teachers and carers to evaluate your child’s challenges and strengths to help them to do those occupations that are important to you and your child. An Occupational Therapist may suggest alternative ways of doing things, providing advice on learning new approaches and techniques, or making changes to the environment, for example, through using equipment or adaptations. Learning and being productive is vital for children and young people; it gives them a sense of purpose and provides opportunities.

What can we offer?

At SP Therapy Services, all of our Occupational Therapists have a degree or diploma in Occupational Therapy from a university and have received specialist, post-graduate training in assessment and treatment of children and young people with neurological conditions.

Our Occupational Therapists are Members of the College of Occupational Therapists (COT) and are registered and regulated by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). The HCPC is a regulatory body that upholds the standards of practice for professions allied to medicine.

At SP Therapy Services our Occupational Therapist will identify and understand your child’s usual occupations to discover what difficulties they face. Our Occupational Therapists work with you in your home and routinely work in schools and colleges and leisure facilities to meet your child needs and your wishes

If your child is experiencing difficulties doing things, an Occupational Therapist can help.

Karen Vercoe is our paediatric specialist Occupational Therapist details of her skills can be found here.

Additional Paediatric Occupational Therapy Services

We can provide home visits & clinic appointments.

SP Therapy Services take great care in providing an exceptional standard of therapy to all our patients, whatever their individual age, diagnosis or location.

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