Fatigue & Sleep Management

Fatigue is a feature of many neurological conditions including brain injury and can make everyday life very difficult.

Fatigue is a symptom that is difficult to describe; it is more that tiredness after an intense physical activity. Fatigue is feeling of being unnaturally tired; is not relieved by sleep; it is typified by a poor sleep pattern; causes low mood and varies from day to day.

At SP Therapy Services our Occupational Therapists are able to offer a comprehensive assessment using fatigue diaries to analyse everyday patterns and pressures. We are then able to offer advice regarding how to manage fatigue including adapting routines to encourage pacing and planning ahead to avoid overload and teaching relaxation techniques.

Sleep is an essential part of maintaining a healthy mind and body. Sleep hygiene is a useful tool in the management of fatigue. At SP Therapy Services we are able to offer advice regarding how to achieve a restful night’s sleep and improve energy levels.

We can provide home visits & clinic appointments.

SP Therapy Services take great care in providing an exceptional standard of therapy to all our patients, whatever their individual age, diagnosis or location.

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