Vocational Rehabilitation

Vocational Rehabilitation is when an Occupational Therapist supports and individual to return to paid or voluntary work or study by providing pre-vocational training and a “Return to Work” plan.

At SP Therapy Services our aim is to increase the individual’s independence and for them to function in the workplace through a holistic and client centred approach whilst considering the individual’s physical, psychological and social needs.

Pre-Vocational Rehabilitation involves working with clients to develop the necessary skills required to maintain work, this may include:

  • achieving a regular weekly pattern of activity with set bedtime/waking routines
  • identifying training courses and opportunities
  • coaching clients with regard to how to complete a CV as well as interview skills training and practice

Vocational Rehabilitation

At SP Therapy Services our Occupational Therapists will work with our clients to produce a “Return to Work Plan” which will meet the needs of both the individual and the employer and will typically incorporates staged or phased return. The Occupational Therapist is available every step of the way for both the individual and the employer to secure a successful outcome for both.

Doreen talks about her voluntary role at the NWABI Network www.youtube.com/channels?q=sp+therapy+services. For more information about the network please click here

We can provide home visits & clinic appointments.

SP Therapy Services take great care in providing an exceptional standard of therapy to all our patients, whatever their individual age, diagnosis or location.

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