Spasticity & Spasm Management

A muscles contracts in response to a signal from the brain. Brain or nerve damage due to injury or disease can disrupt these signals and cause an abnormal muscle contraction in the form of muscle spasms and/or spasticity.

  • Muscle spasms are uncontrolled jerking movements which can occur at night or can be triggered by propelling a wheelchair over an uneven surface for example. The uncontrolled and unanticipated nature of these spasm can be very debilitating and make a person anxious about moving.
  • Spasticity is a disruption of muscle both at rest and on movement. It makes smooth co-ordinated movement difficult and if unmanaged leads to loss of range of movement at the joints.

Spasticity & Spasm Management

At SP Therapy Services our Neurological Physiotherapists are experts in how the muscles and joints of the body work together to produce purposeful movement and are therefore skilled in tailoring treatment plans to treat and manage spasticity and spasms.  As well as exercise this plan may include:

  • the use of BoTox (or Botulinum Toxin) which is commonly used to support therapy goals. The injection temporarily paralyses the active muscle enabling physiotherapist to deal with underlying problems such contracture. BoTox injections are provided by a specialist Rehabilitation Consultant to whom you can be referred via your GP
  • the use of sleep systems which are specially designed positioning guides that support the body to achieve a symmetrical position to aide sleep and use the positive influence of the downward force of gravity to gently stretch the muscle overnight. There are several different types and your Neurological Physiotherapists will recommend one based on your particular needs
  • the use of orthoses (splinting). Static splints hold the muscle in a stretched and lengthened position, these splints are usually worn for long periods of time either during the day or at night. Dynamic splints enable the muscles to move supported joints during function and are usually used for exercise. There are a vast range available on the market to purchase
  • the use of Lycra Garments which are a made to measure by specialist fitters. The reinforced and specially directed elastic lycra support, supports the whole body or a body part

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SP Therapy Services take great care in providing an exceptional standard of therapy to all our patients, whatever their individual age, diagnosis or location.

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