Why Choose SP Therapy Services

At SP Therapy Services, we offer a truly patient centered approach, putting each patient’s needs at the center of all our intervention. We set goals with our patients to achieve the best possible outcomes for them. We will work with the individual and their family to identify and modify opportunities to exercise and engage in activities in a safe and meaningful way.

We have extensive experience in working with individuals, families, case managers & financial deputies involved in settlement claims.

All our team are employed by the Practice where we take great pride in our professional reputation and developing the treatment skills of our team.

Our Reputation

As a Practice our aim is a high quality therapy service that provides the individual living with neurological conditions CONTROL, FLEXIBILITY and CONTINUITY  of their therapeutic needs.

Our reputation is for providing a quality service, employing highly skilled therapists who have the qualifications, personal qualities and ongoing training to make a difference to the lives of their patients.

Our Support Team pride themselves on ensuring seamless back of house functions and share our professional values and commitment to patient care.

We believe you should expect us to get the basics right every time, safety, confidentiality, good communication, professionalism and dependable service.

Everything we do will be done all in the best interest of the patient.

Who We Work With

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