What is Parkinson’s Disease?

Parkinson’s disease is a progressive neurological condition and gets worse over time, currently there is no cure. Receiving a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease can be very stressful and leave you wondering what to do for the best. Everyone’s Parkinson’s is different and there are a lot of treatments, therapies and support available to help you manage the condition to enable you to live long and live well.

How does Parkinson’s Disease affect people?

Parkinson’s results from lose of nerve cells in basal ganglia area of the brain which is responsible for production of chemical called dopamine. The dopamine deprivation causes problems with the functioning of the brain. Whilst one of the earliest symptoms are loss of smell and poor sleeping, the most visible movement symptoms of Parkinson’s disease are tremor, stiffness of muscles and slowness of movement.

How can Physiotherapy help people with Parkinson’s Disease?

Research shows that exercise can slow the progression of your symptoms and can be as important as medication to help you take control. If you are newly diagnosed, daily vigorous exercises are highly recommended.

However, if the disease has progressed it is difficult to decide what type of exercise is best for you and this depends on the symptoms you are experiencing and the stage of your Parkinson’s.  Physiotherapist are skilled at assessing impaired movement strategies and identifying what exercise will be beneficial giving you the confidence that the energies you are expending are doing you good.

The symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease can make movement very difficult and impact on an individual’s posture, mobility and balance. The slowness of movement combined with the fear of falling can mean that daily activities can take more time and an individual with Parkinson’s can become less active. Exercise stimulates the brain and speeds up the condition of nerve impulses to the muscles. Exercise has been proven to be better for brain health than a sudoku or word search!

At SP Therapy Services we can offer a range of physiotherapy services for people with Parkinson’s disease. We offer individual bespoke one to one session’s either at our Clinic or at Home. We also have a Falls Prevention Class and a 5-week Physio Led Hydrotherapy Course.

Read about our Clinic Physiotherapist, Anna Ziemer becoming a “PD WARRIOR” here: https://sptherapyservices.co.uk/anna-becomes-a-pd-warrior/

For more information about the benefits of exercise visit https://parkinsons.org.ukinformation-and-support/exercise

How can Occupational Therapy can help people living with Parkinson’s Disease?

Your Occupational Therapist may show you different ways to do a difficult task more easily, or give you advice about using strategies, techniques and pieces of equipment where you need them. They may suggest practical changes, such as rearranging your furniture at home to make it easier to move around an awkward area and can suggest ‘cues’ that may help you perform activities more easily. A cue is a way to help someone complete a task by offering them a prompt.

Some people with Parkinson’s also report feelings of general fatigue and of mental fatigue and a reduced capacity for concentration; Occupational Therapists can help you with managing these symptoms.

For people with Parkinson’s who are still working Occupational Therapists can make a workplace assessment and suggest adjustments that may help you continue working.

Occupational Therapists can also help you develop strategies to cope with tasks that may become a problem in the future, future proofing your home and promoting your independence.

Techniques, strategies and equipment all aim to improve the ease of daily activities, such as getting in and out of bed, getting dressed, standing up and ascending or descending stairs can help make life easier and conserve energies for the things you enjoy!

https://www.parkinsons.org.uk/sites/default/files/2018-10/FS97%20Occupational%20therapy%20and%20Parkinson%27s_WEB.pdf a leaflet that gives more information about the role of occupational therapy.

Our Occupational Therapist work closely with our local Millercare stores.

About your local Parkinson’s Disease Support Group

We have a great working relationship with both the Bury and the Bolton Branches of the Parkinson’s Disease Society.

For up to date information about Bury Support Group visit https://localsupport.parkinsons.org.uk/opportunity/46416

And for a range of activities in Bolton visit https://localsupport.parkinsons.org.uk/provider/bolton-branch

We can provide home visits & clinic appointments.

SP Therapy Services take great care in providing an exceptional standard of therapy to all our patients, whatever their individual age, diagnosis or location.

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